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4 Types Of Asbestos Air Monitoring

Professionals will conduct an asbestos air monitoring test during the asbestos removal procedure in Toronto. We do this to determine the degree of exposure in the area. Furthermore, we do this to see how effective these methods are in preventing the spread of the fibers We use a similar type of asbestos testing in areas where friable asbestos-containing materials are present. To identify if dangerous particles are released into the air.

When out in the field, Icon Restoration’s professionals will use these types of testing in a variety of situations. There are four distinct types of testing that we perform to detect asbestos in the air. This blog will go over each type, and what they’re used for.

Background Asbestos Air Monitoring

Our professionals will do a background asbestos air monitoring test. Later they begin the asbestos removal process. We use this type of asbestos testing to check the air for any leftover dangerous asbestos particles. Our professionals frequently use background air monitoring tests throughout the cleanup procedure.

Asbestos Exposure Air Monitoring

If you notice asbestos in your house we start our asbestos air monitoring tests. In this way, we evaluate if the airborne particles are still persisting in that person’s lungs. In any case, you should see a doctor right once to check yourself for asbestos-related ailments.

Control Asbestos Air Monitoring

We use the control for asbestos to determine the volume of asbestos fibers in the air. In this way, we locate where asbestos removal is taking place. This test determines whether the precautions taken when removing asbestos-containing materials were effective.

Clearance Asbestos

Following the removal of asbestos-containing material, we have the fourth and final test. We perform clearance asbestos air monitoring. We measure the level of airborne asbestos. If this level is less than 0.01 fibers/ml, we consider this area clean of asbestos fibers.

Asbestos Testing & Removal Services In Toronto

The procedure of asbestos testing should be left to the professionals at Icon Restoration. They also specialize in asbestos testing in Toronto.

In addition, we are always unaware of how we expose ourselves to poisonous particles lingering in the air. That’s why testing for asbestos is very important.

Furthermore, technicians from Icon Restoration will check your property and analyze the risk of asbestos. After this, they begin the removal process. We gather samples, which are subsequently sent to a third-party lab for analysis. Similarly, if we discover asbestos we will proceed with full-scale asbestos removal from your property.

We have a solid reputation in Toronto for building and restoring houses and businesses. Icon Restoration provides reliable repairs and protection against potential difficulties. We do this by adhering to the highest principles and protocols. 

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