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Asbestos Insulation Removal

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Asbestos Insulation Removal

When an asbestos-containing material in your home is broken, cracked, or flaking, asbestos removal may become a problem. Continue reading to find out more about what to do and how much it will cost to remove asbestos.

Before the 1970s, asbestos was a relatively common material for construction. Although it is a known carcinogen, it is frequently found in older structures alongside siding, acoustic tiles for the walls and ceiling, pipe and duct ventilation, vermiculite attic insulation, and floor tile adhesives.

It is better to leave your home’s asbestos-containing materials alone if they are in good condition. Disturbing them is much riskier, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The majority of states actually require you to declare the presence of asbestos in your home before selling it. The greatest thing you can do if you are going to disturb it in any way during a refurbishment is to remove the asbestos.

Discover Where To Find Asbestos Insulation

Asbestos insulation is most commonly seen in the following areas:

1. Attic Insulation & Wall Insulation

“Vermiculite” is another name for asbestos attic insulation and asbestos wall insulation. Vermiculite is an asbestos-containing insulating material. If vermiculite is discovered, we recommend that homeowners test it first to see if it contains asbestos. Vermiculite alone will not provide you with the information you need to identify if asbestos is present. Vermiculite is a small, shiny rock-shaped material.

2. Insulation For Pipes And Ducts (Pipe Wrap Insulation / Duct Wrap Insulation)

Insulation made of asbestos can also be seen wrapped around pipes and ductwork. Because asbestos is a great fire retardant, it was ideal for usage around pipes and ducts to guarantee that they didn’t catch fire when they were hot. When it comes to Asbestos Duct Wrap Insulation, register vents are frequently affected. The vents may contain asbestos even if the ductwork does not have an asbestos cover.

Asbestos Removal Basics

The material you think contains asbestos should first be examined, and then it should be professionally removed.

  • Establish the regional standards and requirements for your area by speaking with the asbestos program there as well as the state’s administrative asbestos department. Alternatively, you can get in touch with an OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) regional office.
  • Locate licensed and trained asbestos testers and inspectors who are accredited to do safe asbestos testing and removal.
  • It is possible to avoid conflicts of interest by having questionable items analyzed by one company and removed by another.
  • The key is preparation. It’s possible that you and your family will need to leave your home temporarily while the asbestos is taken out of the building.

Asbestos Insulation Removal

Asbestos must be removed by a certified and professional asbestos removal company whenever it is detected. Cross-contamination is a highly common occurrence, and adequate precautions and procedures must be followed at all times.

When it comes to safe, proper asbestos removal, Icon Restoration is completely trained and has years of experience. An asbestos expert will be assigned to the job and will inspect the area before giving you an estimate and scope of work for the procedure.

The asbestos-affected portions have been completely enclosed, and technology has been installed to prevent cross-contamination. All removals are completed in accordance with industry standards, and we guarantee asbestos removal.

All of our asbestos removal service comes with a certificate of completion, which is transferable if you ever choose to sell the house.

If you suspect asbestos in your home, call immediately Icon Restoration at 416-901-4266 .

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