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Icon Restoration provides asbestos monitoring and inspection services. The following items will be thoroughly examined as part of our inspection:

  • Checking visually
  • Thought was taken while collecting samples.
  • In-lab testing of samples

If asbestos is found, our inspector will write a report that describes the extent and type of the contamination, as well as suggestions for removal or prevention.

Areas that Asbestos is Found

Asbestos was a common and generally known building material that could be used in virtually any part of a home or business. Asbestos is often found in areas that have been left unused or that have not been updated for cosmetic or structural reasons when older structures are restored.

If an asbestos airborne test comes out positive, it means there could be residual material from previous installations or even the original construction in common places like:

  • Basements, attics, and cold cellars are all in close proximity.
  • Behind drywall and finished surfaces.
  • Drop ceilings, ceiling tiles, or popcorn ceilings.
  • Underneath hardwood slats and floor tiles.
  • Wraps for ductwork and pipes on the inside.
  • Siding and roofing shingles.
  • Intake and output registers that circulate.

Hazardous chemicals used in these environments will reduce the condition of the air inside the building dramatically, and those that are exposed to asbestos dust will almost definitely face significant health effects.

Property owners in the GTA who suspect or discover asbestos should hire professionals to search for and eradicate asbestos in GTA as soon as possible to resolve any dangerous air pollution issues and mitigate any future health and safety risks.

Everything about Asbestos

Asbestos is a mineral made up of microscopic fibers that occurs naturally. Asbestos comes in a variety of forms, each with its own set of characteristics. When people are exposed to some forms of asbestos, their razor-sharp fibers can quickly be inhaled. Asbestos has outstanding fire-retardant and fireproof properties.

Before the harmful long-term health implications were found, it was widely used in industrial and residential development. Asbestos was widely used in core construction materials including insulation and drywall. There are no off-gases from the stone, and it can only be identified by laboratory research.

How to Check or Prevent Asbestos Exposure

If you’re buying a new home or undertaking a restoration project in a house constructed before the 1980s, you might be exposing yourself to asbestos without even realizing it. Wall insulation, insulation around hot water and steam pipes, soundproofing and decorative materials on walls and ceilings, ironing board pads, textured paint, roofing, siding shingles, vinyl floor tiles, and other products in your house can contain asbestos.

These items do not need to be removed as long as they are not broken or falling apart. If the substance is contaminated, do not attempt to clean it yourself because doing so would leak asbestos fibers into the air. 

Asbestos Removal in GTA Should be Performed by Experts

Asbestos is one of the most difficult and dangerous challenges that owners of older GTA properties face. The project’s complexity necessitates the use of professionally qualified removal professionals who can safely and thoroughly test, identify, and remove dangerous materials.

Icon Restoration has considerable experience in asbestos monitoring and disposal in both residential and industrial settings. Inspectors and crews from Icon Restoration are professionally qualified and trained in the removal and disposal of asbestos following state, national, and federal environmental regulations.

Professional asbestos removal companies like Icon Restoration keep their training and supplies up to date to provide the safest and most comprehensive asbestos removal on both residential and commercial properties.

Why choose us?

We work closely with each of our clients in the process to ensure that you understand the asbestos, where it is stored, and how we can remove it. You should expect long-term outcomes and ongoing assistance from Icon Restoration.

Call (416) 901-4266 now to schedule an on-site asbestos inspection so we can determine the severity and extent of your concern and give you a quote.

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