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For owners of older Richmond Hill properties, asbestos is one of the most challenging and dangerous barriers to overcome. Because of the project’s scope, experienced trained removal technicians are required to test, locate, and safely remove hazardous materials.

In both residential and industrial environments, Icon Restoration has extensive experience with asbestos inspection and disposal. Icon Restoration’s inspectors and crews are experts at removing and disposing of asbestos in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations.

To have the quickest and most comprehensive asbestos removal on both residential and commercial properties, Icon Restoration and other professional asbestos removal contractors keep their preparation and supplies up to date.

Asbestos is a critical and mostly unseen issue in buildings built before 1990. Asbestos disintegration and breakdown can cause severe and potentially fatal health issues that must be addressed immediately.

Icon Restoration’s extensive experience with asbestos removal projects of all sizes and shapes ensures a smooth and detailed job. Icon Restoration recommends annual asbestos monitoring for owners and managers of older properties in Richmond Hill to ensure maximum air quality safety.

Could Your Home Have Asbestos?

Asbestos is composed of millions of microscopic fibers that are resistant to fire and heat. It was once generally accepted as the most effective tool for fireproofing residential buildings and was widely used in building materials.

Asbestos or asbestos-containing materials were almost certainly used in the construction of your home’s floors and walls before the 1990s. Asbestos is used in everyday things like wall paint and carpeting. In older homeowners’ garages and basements, asbestos can be found in the walls, floors, and door frames. For example, tube wraps and blankets for hot water tanks can be inconvenient.

Proper Asbestos Removal

If you think your home should contain asbestos, get it tested by a professional. Asbestos has taken on a variety of physical forms as a result of its use, making it difficult to tell them apart. Samples of possible asbestos hotspots should be collected by a licensed and accredited contractor for a thorough inspection and review.

Since the removal process will scatter microscopic asbestos fibers into the air, asbestos-containing areas must be isolated from the rest of the building. The equipment and procedures used to complete the job safely and correctly are only available to qualified professionals. The air must be well sealed and vented for a secure and total evacuation.

The area must be dismantled in such a way that no materials are broken down into smaller parts, as this can cause fibers to scatter into the air. To ensure the safe handling of radioactive waste, all products and substances must be enclosed in closed containers or tubing.

A properly qualified asbestos removal crew should be able to use the most up-to-date procedures, safety equipment, and a thorough understanding of all local asbestos regulations. After the areas have been cleared, wet mops and HEPA-grade vacuums are used to thoroughly clean them, trapping any remaining dust and airborne particles.

Why choose us?

We work closely with each of our customers in the process to ensure that you understand the asbestos, where it is stored, and how we can remove it. You should expect long-term results and ongoing help from Icon Restoration.

Call (416) 901-4266 today to arrange for an on-site asbestos inspection so that we can assess the seriousness and scope of your problem and provide you with a quote.

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