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Five Steps to Ensure Proper Mold Remediation

Mold is like that unwanted guest that just intrudes into your home without any prior notice and promises to stick around unless you get on the serious terms to remove it completely.

The relationship between dark and damp environment conditions and the mold has been unbreakable since years. Wherever there is excess moisture, you will see this fungus developing and expanding into large colonies.

Though with highly effective removal methods, the mold issue seems to mellow down a bit but remains a critical problem in most of the homes and commercial offices till now. The reason that mold treatment is so important is that it triggers numerous allergic reactions and also incurable respiratory ailments for the people living with it.

Mold removal is required the moment you discover it. You should immediately call for professional help and get the desired remedy done to get rid of it at the earliest.

Here are the steps that should be adapted to quickly remediate the mold problems in your home:

Step 1 – Carrying out the Assessment Tests

Identifying the mold involves more than just looking at the surface. Sometimes, it grows as a hidden criminal behind the walls and deceives your naked eyes. You have to understand that the root cause of mold is water or moisture prevalent in your premises or pipes. These are the major sources from where the mold gets in and enjoys its forever home.

Due to this, you need to have a specialist by your side that can assess the underlying cause and help you locate the entire mold growth accurately.

Step 2 – Fixing the Moisture Problems

The next step involves resolving the moisture issues you are currently facing in your premises due to poor ventilation, leaky roofs or bad plumbing. These problems further impact the health of the building, leading to exaggerated issues.

So, go ahead for effective mold clean up and protect your property from mold invasion in the future.

Step 3 – Deriving a Remediation Plan

Before you start the actual remediation process, you have to document the whole situation with photos and videos. This is required to understand the mold problem in detail and develop a full-proof plan.

Having clear answers as to when the work will commence, what will be its time duration, what kind of testing will be required, etc. helps in managing the liability of your company and deliver the best results to customers.

Step 4 – Starting the Clean-up Process

Mold removal contractors use an array of methods to eradicate the mold from your house. Depending upon the surface you are treating, each method varies in terms of pricing, timeliness, and effectiveness and has its own set of pros and cons.

The most common methods you would come across are hand scrubbing, media blasting, and dry ice blasting.

Step 5 – Undertaking the Preventive Measures

It is truly believed that ‘prevention is better than cure’. You can save yourself from the undesired hassle of mold treatment and removal by undertaking some easy precautionary measures.

You can easily maintain appropriate humidity levels to curb the mold build-up. Besides, avoid storage of your valuable stuff in your basement if it easily gets damp. Also, open the bathroom door each time after showering to allow the moisture to move out.

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