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Preparing Your Home & Patio for The Fall Rain

As the temperature drops, Canadians will find themselves indoors more often. Home patios are not frequented, but it’s still important to prepare your patio for the upcoming winter.

Heavy winter rain and snow is no secret to Canadians. Especially if you live in Toronto or surrounding areas such as Markham, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Mississauga. This summer, we were visited once again by the bitter Canadian winter. According to reports this past August, the Muskoka area experienced roughly 80 millimeters of rain, and a tornado warning that knocked down trees and destroyed cottages. These unfortunate damages, resulted in serious expenses for homeowners.

To prepare your patio and home for the harsh Canadian winter, we have put together some home maintenance tips.

Outdoor Furniture Storage

In the winter, snow and rain can pile up on your furniture creating mold, rust and other pesky issues. Storing your outdoor furniture effectively is crucial, as it can be very expensive replace. For patios we always recommend that you purchase furniture labeled as ‘weather resistant’ or invest in weatherproof covers. If your home has sufficient space, also consider storing your furniture inside your basement or garage to prevent any direct contact.

Deck Maintenance

Your patio is a sacred space during the summer months, therefore, prepping it for the winter can reduce any problems down the line. Inspecting your deck should be a priority before a storm hits, in which you should keep an eye out for any loose nails or boards. Any issues with the patio deck should be handled before the weather worsens. When it snows, also be consistent with shovelling your patio as the snow may erode the surface. Neglecting your patio deck can invite unwanted issues such as mold and moss growth.

Overall, stay consistent with the maintenance and upkeep of your patio and furniture as it will help you in the long run. If you do however encounter any issues, the Icon Restoration team is available to help!

Basement Waterproofing

Basement leakage and flooding is becoming a major issue for in Toronto. Older properties are especially susceptible to water damage and basement leaks during the winter. As well with milder winters, the thawing and melting of ice produces moisture build-ups that can result in basement leaks.

Whether it’s a home or business, keeping your property dry starts with maintenance. Check out our Basement Waterproofing Tips for DIY methods to help you maintain your property and prevent leaks. Effective property maintenance and early detection of  leakage can save you the trouble of hiring a restoration team.

However if you’re already experiencing a leak or moisture build-up in your property we recommend you consult with a professional to treat any mold that may have developed.


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