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If you want the right mold removal in Newmarket, you’ll have to look around. Cleaning up a few dark spots isn’t enough to get rid of an infestation.

When it comes to property maintenance, homeowners face a variety of problems, but one of the most feared is discovering mold in the home. Mold only needs a small amount of moisture to fester and expand. If left unchecked, even a small increase in humidity will provide a perfect breeding ground for the nasty fungus, which can rapidly spread.

Mold Removal in Newmarket

Icon Restoration’s mold specialists are specialized and follow strict industry guidelines when it comes to mold inspection, removal, and remediation. The goal is to make a successful, secure, and long-lasting cleanup. 

More specifically, Icon Restoration ensures the safety of tenants and occupants during mold removal. When it comes to mold removal in Newmarket, homeowners must hire a specialist from the beginning to the end. This is a job for mold specialists who are also acquainted with government and industry regulations.

To completely remove mold from various types of surfaces, specialized equipment, and commercial strength cleaners are needed. Icon’s crews have dealt with a variety of mold removal situations. We are also equipped with the required protective equipment and removal techniques to maintain a mold-free atmosphere and improved indoor air quality.

How can you say if your household has mold?

Mold is an adaptable organism that can grow on a variety of surfaces. Mold is caused by an increase in moisture and humidity, and most dark and inaccessible areas of the home are common hotspots for fungus growth. Mold can be observed in the following areas of the home as black smears or green or beige bubbling:

  • Basements that have been completed, unfinished sections, and subterranean areas
  • Ceilings in attics, cellars, and garages
  • Hot water tanks, washers and dryers, dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators are all in this category
  • Areas of carpeting, such as dining rooms and bedrooms
  • Substructures and frames made of wood

In addition to its unsightly appearance, Mold emits a musty, stale odor in the surrounding area, prompting local property owners to employ a licensed mold inspector to complete mold removal as soon as possible.

The Damaging Effects of Mold

Health Problems

Mold in your home has the potential to trigger a variety of health issues, including:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Allergic reactions
  • Aggravation of asthma symptoms
  • Skin irritation

Toxic black mold, for example, can cause more severe reactions and illnesses, such as:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Chronic coughing
  • Rashes
  • Organ toxicity
  • Hypersensitivity reactions

Structural Damage

Mold eats away at anything it grows on, and it can show up anywhere in your house, including:

  • Foundation
  • Roof
  • HVAC system
  • Drywall
  • Gutters
  • Tiles
  • Furnishings

Black Mold Removal

Black mold is one of the most toxic forms of mold, particularly when it has grown to a high degree. Setting up a containment area for proper sterilization and abatement of the infected area is the first step in the “Black Mold” process. The term “black mold” is easily recognized because it is black and can occur in small or large areas. “Black Mold” has a distinct odor that cannot be mistaken for that of any other kind of mold. We recommend that you do not damage the mold in any way and instead call and make an appointment for the proper removal of the “Black Mold,” as this is the best option for your health and the health of those around you. At Icon Restoration, we prioritize your protection.

What to Expect from Icon Restoration:

Icon Restoration provides fast and dependable mold removal services 24/7 in Newmarket and other areas. In addition, our team leaders work hard to collaborate with and keep our clients updated to avoid potential disasters. Our mold remediation experts have been specially trained and have the skills and resources to react rapidly and complete the necessary mold abatement.
Call us today at (416) 901-4266 to schedule an on-site mold inspection so that we can determine the severity and extent of your mold problem and give you a quote. With over 20 years of experience, Icon Restoration is an IICRC accredited mold removal and remediation.

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