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Mold will only grow if certain requirements are met, such as moisture, temperature, and a surface to grow on. Mold reproduces by dispersing spores, which are carried by the wind. Mold poses a number of risks, as it has the potential to cause severe health problems. Contact Icon Restoration if you suspect mold in your home or workplace. Icon Restoration is a restoration company that is IICRC accredited and has a lot of experience. In Vaughan, Toronto, Ottawa, Oshawa, Mississauga, and GTA we specialize in commercial and residential mold services, including mold inspections and mold removal.

Mold Inspection in Vaughan

Our accredited project managers have a minimum of five years of restoration experience. Our mold experts in Vaughan are highly educated and qualified experts who provide mold services. Qualified project managers can examine the affected area during a mold inspection. Following the inspection, the project manager will determine the source of the mold and make immediate suggestions about how to prevent it from spreading. We’ll also see if any secret areas have mold or moisture.

Following the mold inspection, our project managers will create a concise scope of work report that includes our conclusions, suggestions, a future plan of action, and a free quote.

Mold Removal in Vaughan

Choosing the best professional mold remediation company in Vaughan is critical to limiting any further damage to your home or business. A reputable mold removal company in Vaughan should be skilled, experienced, and well-trained. Hiring a mold removal company that lacks these qualities will result in additional damage and have a negative effect on your health and that of your family.

We invest in our highly qualified professionals at Icon Restoration. Our mold technicians observe the mold removal procedure specifically and carefully, adhering to industry requirements and guidelines. Stopping mold from growing or forming requires addressing the source of the mold (which is typically water damage or moisture issue).

How can you say if your household has mold?

Mold is a powerful organism that can grow on a number of different surfaces. Mold is caused by a rise in moisture and humidity, and the darkest and inaccessible areas of the house are popular breeding grounds for the fungus. Mold appears as black smears or green or beige bubbling in the following areas of the house:

  • Basements that have been completed, unfinished sections, and subterranean areas
  • Ceilings in attics, cellars, and garages
  • Hot water tanks, washers and dryers, dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators are all in this category
  • Areas of carpeting, such as dining rooms and bedrooms
  • Substructures and frames made of wood

Mold emits a musty, stale odor in the surrounding area, causing local property owners to hire a professional mold inspector to remove the mold as soon as possible.

Mold Removal Cost

Mold removal costs in Vaughan are determined by a number of factors, including:

  • the location of the mold
  • how much mold there is
  • what the mold has an impact on
  • the mold removal process that was used

What to Expect from Icon Restoration:

Icon Restoration provides fast and dependable mold removal services 24/7 in Vaughan and other areas. In addition, our team leaders work hard to collaborate with and keep our clients updated in order to avoid potential disasters. Our mold remediation experts have been specially trained and have the skills and resources to react rapidly and complete the necessary mold abatement.

Call us today at (416) 901-4266 to schedule an on-site mold inspection so that we can determine the severity and extent of your mold problem and give you a quote. With over 20 years of experience, Icon Restoration is an IICRC accredited mold removal and remediation business.

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