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Tips to Follow While Removing the Asbestos

Asbestos, which was used in construction in the twentieth century, is a naturally-occurring mineral. It is composed of long and thin fibers that are hazardous if breathed as dust. The usage of asbestos was banned by the government when a study revealed dangers related to asbestos. These days, contractors are removing it from buildings because it can cause asbestosis, cancer, and mesothelioma.

If asbestos is also present in your home, then it is advised to hire asbestos removal contractor at the earliest. Make sure that the contractor is licensed because only a professional person can do this task correctly and efficiently.

Now, let us look at the tips that one should follow while removing the asbestos.

1. Wear safety equipment – If you are trying to get rid of asbestos by yourself, then don’t forget to wear suitable equipment for the removal process. Since asbestos is very harmful to health, it is recommended to wear a dust mask having two straps because you may not get higher protection with the single-strap mask.


2. Avoid eating and drinking near the area where asbestos removal is going on – The particles of asbestos along with dust can land over your food which you are supposed to eat. This way, harmful particles will go in your body and can harm you severely. Moreover, prefer washing your hands and mouth before taking your food.


3. Don’t use power tools on the asbestos directly – If you use tools directly on the asbestos for removal, then it will break, and the harmful fibers of asbestos will mix up with the air you breathe. Power tools should only be used on materials that are not made of asbestos. For safety purposes, it is suggested to talk to the asbestos removal company before trying DIY.


4. Wet the asbestos before removing – Wetting the asbestos with water will assure that dust particles will not get into the air. So, make use of pump spray and dampen the asbestos as much as you can.


5. Ask your family members and kids to stay away from the work area – People around you should know that asbestos removal work is going on in the house, and it is quite a dangerous task. Tell them about the harms attached to the asbestos and ask them to stay away from the work area until the job is finished.


6. Remove furnishings – All your furniture, rugs, curtains, and carpets should be removed from the area where work is being done and should be stored somewhere else. It is mandatory; otherwise, they will trap dust particles that can mix in the air.


7. Place a plastic sheet on the ground – Asbestos can fall on the ground during the removal process and can prove to be dangerous after the completion of work. Placing the plastic sheet will prevent your ground from being in direct contact with the dust particles.

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