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Top 3 Signs That You Need Mold Removal Services

It doesn’t take long to identify mold in your house. Those ugly black-brown spots on walls, ceilings, and other areas clearly indicate that your house is suffering from mold infestation. However, sometimes the problem may go unnoticed because mold might also grow behind the walls, under your floors or up in the ceiling which remains out of sight. This can soon become a problematic situation because mold build-up can cause serious damage to your health and property.

High humidity, poor ventilation, and water damage are the perfect recipe for a mold disaster. These conditions are found in most of the homes which makes mold a common nuisance. A few mold spores are common but when it turns into a full-blown infestation, it could spell a serious disaster. The first reaction of most homeowners is taking a brush and scrubbing it away. But this doesn’t eliminate mold and often aggravates the problem. Mold is toxic and only professionals know how to deal with it. But if mold is not visible to your naked eyes, how do you know if you should hire a professional mold inspection company?

Mold isn’t always apparent to the naked eye but there are some signs that reveal mold infestation. The following telltale signs indicate that mold has taken a foothold in your home and you need professional help.

  1. Health Symptoms

Mold often remains hidden because it thrives in hard to see areas such as behind walls, beneath carpeting, and in other non-visible areas throughout your home. Even if it remains hidden, mold can lead to breathing problems, nausea, and other severe health issues. If you or any of your family member is experiencing allergies or other health complications then possibly mold is to blame. Mold releases toxic spores and when these spores are breathed in, it results in allergic reactions. It is seen that people begin experiencing problems the moment they return back home. The common health issues linked to mold infestation are sinus congestion, fatigue, excessive coughing, headache, skin rashes, sneezing, and chest tightness. So, if you’re experiencing any of these health issues on a frequent basis, hire a mold remediation company to perform mold inspection and removal.

  1. Water Damage or Flooding

Mold thrives in moisture. If you’ve recently suffered water damage in your home or there are leaky pipes, there must be mold growing anywhere. Flood, water damage, toilet overflow, or a plumbing issue — all lead to mold growth. If you ignore external flooding or water intrusion from the broken plumbing system, you’re inviting mold in your home. To make sure that your home is not a breeding ground for mold, it’s necessary to take immediate action post any water intrusion event. You should hire a water restoration and mold removal company to completely eliminate water and prevent the risks of mold.

  1. Strange Smell

Mold has a pungent musty smell. If you notice an unusual odor in any particular area of the home, possibly it’s because of mold. Even if you spray air freshener, the smell will come back which is a clear sign of mold infestation. When mold grows behind wall or wallpaper, it remains hidden but still, you can smell it. It is not possible for homeowners to identify the source of that distinct smell. It might be present in the air conditioning duct and only a professional has the right tools to run tests and determine the source of mold.

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