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Professional Waterproofing and Garage Services In Toronto

Waterproofing means using specific materials and appropriate drainage to stop water infiltration into a building’s finished spaces or its structural components. Waterproofing is essential because concrete foundation walls and parking garage structures are vulnerable to water damage since they come into touch with soil and humidity. Mold growth and poor air quality can result from water infiltration into a basement through the foundation walls. 

Waterproofing is an expensive but essential stage in building and home maintenance. A building could suffer substantial damage or reach the point of total dilapidation if the waterproofing is not done correctly. Icon Restoration is a Toronto-based general contracting company specializing in waterproofing and concrete rehabilitation. All required excavation is completed by company-owned excavators as part of our waterproofing services, along with shoring boxes.

Building Waterproofing Services From Icon Restoration Experts

Your external structure and interiors can be protected from significant water damage and depreciation with the help of Icon Restoration’s’ reasonably priced building waterproofing services. We provide complete above- and below-grade waterproofing solutions to protect your property and your family. Our thorough understanding of building envelope engineering enables us to recognize and address any problems that could potentially compromise structural integrity in the future. If you neglect the process of your home maintenance and foundation walls your property will have cracks, water leakage, and mold growth. 

To safeguard your investment and reputation, we offer various waterproofing and restoration services.

Our building waterproofing and restoration services include:

  • Balcony waterproofing and repair
  • Repair and waterproofing of foundations
  • Basement water resistance
  • Repellents, coatings, and sealants
  • waterproofing of roofs
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Parking garage repair and waterproofing 
  • Concrete water resistance
  • Leak fixes
  • Replacing the windows and waterproofing

Icon Restoration, Your Single Source For Building Waterproofing and Exterior Reconstructions

Icon Restoration is your one-stop service for building waterproofing, building envelope, and exterior renovations. In order for you to fully understand the project schedule and costs, we present a complete estimate, specify the scope of work, and lay out the construction timetable. 

We use only high-quality materials for super seal dimpled membranes, water vapor barriers, waterproof breathable fabrics, and other waterproof coatings. 

Our waterproofing and restoration specialists put in a lot of effort to guarantee that you have the right solution and that it is carried out effectively. Use our specialized waterproofing solutions to shield your building from costly damage and repairs.

Waterproofing and Garage Service Needed?

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