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Balcony Restoration Services In Toronto and Across the GTA 

Balcony restoration services are very common for every condominium and apartment in Toronto and other cities of the GTA. Balcony structural repairs are a very important part of your residential and commercial property. For every homeowner in Toronto balcony restoration and waterproofing should be a top priority so that your balcony won’t be affected by bad weather conditions or any other exterior factor. Balcony repairs on residential or commercial buildings require the assistance of a professional contractor that has extensive experience in general contracting services. 

Icon Restoration is a professional general contractor that specializes in balcony restoration and repair. Our professional team of skilled engineers has the ability to handle any type of balcony restoration project whether it is a standard-sized or a complex large-sized. Our professional team has the necessary knowledge and experience to provide balcony restoration services for occupied high-rise buildings. 

Icon Restoration Offers The Following Balcony Restoration Services To High-Rise Buildings

  • Restoring the outside facade
  • Concrete balcony repairs and replacement
  • Balcony railing repair and replacement
  • Balcony waterproofing 
  • Rebuilding and repairing structural components, such as slabs, columns, beams, and shear walls, among others
  • Repairs to expansion joints or control joints
  • Placing temporary or permanent anchors
  • Structural evaluation

Balcony Reconstruction Services Customized For Your Needs

Our professional team at Icon Restoration can repair your balcony using a variety of techniques. For instance, we’ll supervise the removal of old concrete, the setting of new concrete, and the finishing. We’ll take care of anything that doesn’t seem right away and have it looking better than before. To ensure that the concrete is both preserved and complements the design of your building, we also provide full painting and coating services.

As previously noted, we also guarantee that the balcony rails are in excellent functioning order. Your balcony railing system will be replaced especially to match the current setup, or we’ll supply examples for your consideration, making sure the end product is top-notch, operates properly, and looks beautiful.

Rebuilding and restoration are very difficult. You definitely need the assistance of a professional general contractor that will make the reconstruction process easier. Icon Restoration is always ready to assist you and fulfill your construction needs. Our general contracting team will provide you with the most professional balcony restoration services in Toronto. 

Cost-Effective Balcony Restoration Services With Icon Restoration

The quality of the materials and workmanship is crucial to a successful balcony restoration. You can rest easy knowing that we uphold the highest standards of quality in all of our work when you work with Icon Restoration. Our goal is to turn you into a lifelong customer rather than treating your task as a single reconstruction project. Our team at Icon Restoration aims to provide the best general construction services at an affordable price. 

Give us the chance to provide you with a solution for repairing your balcony that is both affordable and effective. You have the option to undergo rehabilitation in stages or all at once. To minimize any interference with your regular routine, we will give a thorough cost estimate and a prioritized construction schedule.

Balcony Restoration Service Needed?

We Offer The Best Balcony Restoration Services in All The GTA.