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Parking Garage Repair Services Toronto

Icon Restoration has the necessary experience and skills to restore the concrete structure of a parking garage. Our team of specialists in concrete restoration has the skills and expertise to apply a variety of concrete repair techniques and products made for restoring any area of an underground parking facility while staying on a tight budget.

We have extensive knowledge of building and restoration techniques, as well as design and safety regulations. Our workmanship and knowledge in parking garage repairs and restoration will go above and beyond what you anticipate. Project management and careful planning are necessary when restoring concrete garages. Icon Restoration can minimize inconveniences while we work on the garage restoration procedure so that your facilities can continue to be used.

Icon Restoration Offers The Following Parking Garage Restoration Services

  • Full replacement of the slab
  • Installation of a new, stronger steel
  • Garage deck repairs
  • Repairs to concrete columns
  • Repair of soffit, walls, and beams
  • Ramp correction
  • Heating system replacement
  • Concrete cracks restoration
  • Epoxy crack injections
  • Repaired sidewalks and curbs
  • Replacement of the expansion joint
  • Techniques for waterproofing rubberized asphalt
  • Urethane floor coatings for vehicles
  • Catch basins and weeping tiles
  • Painting, according to municipal standards


We perform concrete delamination on troweled concrete surfaces damaged by salt, chemicals, incorrect finishing, and everyday wear and tear. We also perform painting, concrete crack repairs, coating repair applications for traffic areas, and repairs to garage structures.

We offer rubberized asphalt exterior and interior waterproofing as well as weeping tile solutions to reduce future water damage.

Neglecting routine maintenance might result in more expensive repairs down the road and even structural failure of an underground parking garage. Contact Icon Restoration for professional assistance and parking garage repair services. We search for the ideal solutions for your facilities and yourself. Additionally, we provide service to the Greater Toronto Area with a team of committed experts that have the skills necessary to rapidly get your garage up and running. 

Choose The Best Garage Repair Contractor In The GTA

Icon Restoration is Toronto’s top-rated concrete parking garage repair contractor. Solutions for both structural and non-structural concrete rehabilitation are provided by our experts. We are experienced in all tasks using concrete. We frequently collaborate with property owners to determine the right maintenance plans for concrete parking facilities. To prevent damage to concrete, our professionals employ cutting-edge support systems. Additionally, for each concrete parking garage repair process, Icon Restoration offers tailored general contracting services.

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