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How to Deal with Black Water Damage

When you have flood water damage in your home, you don’t pause to consider if it can be classed. You want everything to be cleaned up, dried out, and back to normal as soon as possible.

How can you be certain that you are not exposing yourself and your family to the significant dangers of severe floods?

You should be aware of the many sources of this sort of water and why it poses such a high risk to your health and property. We provide our sewage flood cleaning knowledge to assist you in identifying and dealing with harmful severe floodwater.

Understanding Black Water Damage

You’re probably aware that backed-up sewage water is an unsanitary mess, but it’s not the sole cause of dangerous house flooding. Organic and chemical toxins can be swiftly introduced into the home by flash floodwaters. Following a strong downpour, even increasing water tables can become a source of contagions.

To help you better understand the risks involved in cleaning up this type of damage, we offer an overview covering the questions we’re most often asked about black water damage or also known as Category 3 flood water.

What Is Water Damage In Category 3?

When severely polluted black water soaks porous materials like sheetrock and wood, Category 3 water damage occurs.

Sewer water in basements to mold-infested crawl spaces are examples of problems.

The following are the most typical sources of Category 3 water:

Sewer line breaks

  • Sewer mains are backed up.
  • Long-term rain events
  • Flooding in a flash
  • Flooding from a hurricane

When contaminated water deposits bacteria on the floor, baseboards, and adjacent fixtures, even a minor toilet overflow produces Category 3 damage.

How Does It Spread So Fast?

The cellulose in walls and floors acts as a feeding supply for pollutants in black water. Pathogens and fungi flourish on every porous surface in your home.

A flooded house’s high humidity, warm temperature, and stagnant air make an excellent habitat for bacteria and mold development within walls and under floors.

Why Can’t I Get It Clean?

Any sort of floodwater is hazardous to one’s health, but black water from Category 3 flooding is especially hazardous. Contaminated water exposes you to microorganisms that cause significant illnesses, such as:

  • Hepatitis A, B, and C
  • Norovirus
  • West Nile virus tetanus
  • Tuberculosis
  • AIDS / HIV

The health dangers associated with black water and sewage backlog spread swiftly across an impacted property. Hazardous pollution that soaks deep into sheetrock, carpets, furnishings, and personal things cannot be addressed by standard remediation.

Which Action Should I Take?

Contact professional cleaning and restoration firm that has been trained to handle Category 3 pollution. You want highly qualified experts on the scene who will clean and sterilize the entire house while adhering to rigorous OSHA and EPA requirements. Make plans to remain somewhere else until the process is over if at all feasible.

By hiring a restoration company, you will be able to:

  • Reduce your risk of being exposed to harmful infections.
  • Address long-term issues such as concealed mold development.
  • Take care of the cleanup as well as the reconstruction.
  • Recover salvageable flooring, furniture, and personal items.

Will My Insurance Cover My Losses?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover water damage, but natural flooding requires a separate policy.

If you are unsure about your coverage, talk to your agent about various options and additional protection. This is also an excellent moment to revise the specifics of your present policy.

Now is the time to ask your agent for a recommendation for a water damage restoration firm so that you’ll be ready if the worst happens. A reputable repair company can also assist you with insurance paperwork and the claims procedure.

If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of Category 3 flood damage, it’s nice to know you have a partner that can manage the recovery process from start to finish.

Please Contact Us Immediately

It is difficult to deal with water damage and flood cleaning on your own. Don’t make it risky by dealing with Category 3 flood water damage. 

If you have any concerns regarding cleaning up after a flood, please contact us straight once. We’ll examine the degree of pollution swiftly and advise you on the best course of action.

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