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How to React When Disaster Strikes

Staying ready for a disaster

Although it can be difficult to predict a disaster such as a fire or sudden flood, there are way to mitigate the damage.

No one wants to think about the possibility of a flood or fire hitting their home. And while we sincerely hope that it never happens to you, planning ahead for an emergency will save you much money, time, and headache.

Be ready for a disaster by doing these four things:

1.Take photos or videos of your home and all of its contents. This saves you from having to remember everything that may have been destroyed. Repeat this step every time you make significant changes.

2. Itemize all major items on your homeowner or tenant insurance. This guarantees everything is covered. Repeat this step every time you renew to account for all new items.

3.Keep important documents safe Having all important documents (or a least photocopies of them) in a safety deposit box ensures that not all will be lost in a disaster.

4. Prepared an emergency contact list. This keeps you from having to search for names and numbers of friends, family members, doctors, insurance company contacts, etc.

What should I do after a fire or flood?

After a fire or water damage, it is important to act quickly to prevent further damage to your home or property. Once the immediate danger has passed, do these two things:
1. Call your insurance agent or broker to start the claim process.
2. Call Icon Restoration at 416-901-4266 so that we can immediately assess the damage and begin restoring your home or property to its pre-loss condition.

Whether it’s ash or odours, structural or mould damage, the longer you wait, the more difficult and complex the clean up and restoration process can be. Calling as soon as possible will save you time and money.

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