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Concrete Repair and Restoration Services In Toronto

Icon Restoration uses a variety of concrete repair techniques to finish your project as a full-service concrete repair and restoration contractor in the GTA. We are able to provide the most practical solution to a variety of situations, from partial repairs to complete replacement of structural components, which calls for a multidisciplinary degree of experience and skill, thanks to our experience and expertise combined with specialized and conventional concrete repair methods. 

In the restoration and repair of weathered and damaged structural and non-structural concrete, Icon Restoration has a wealth of knowledge and a successful track record in the restoration and repair of weathered and damaged structural and non-structural concrete. Poor construction, settlement of a structure, and exposure to environmental and external elements like humidity and de-icing salt can all cause reinforced concrete to deteriorate. This can put the safety of the occupants at risk and finally result in structural failures.

Table of Contents

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Concrete Restoration Services

For many residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects in the Greater Toronto Area, Icon Restoration has a reputation for excellence. These projects include concrete repairs, structure repairs, concrete surface preparation, pool repairs, concrete walkways, concrete finishing, shotcrete, wall reinforcement, street curbs, and resurfacing concrete. Whether your concrete demands are large or small, straightforward or complex, we have the skills and knowledge to do the work quickly and competently. 

Residential Concrete Repair and Resurfacing 

Concrete Porches & Steps

With our concrete coatings, Icon Restoration can revitalize your concrete porch and steps; resurfacing concrete has never been simpler. Our concrete overlays are made to protect and refurbish your concrete porch.

Garage Floors

At Icon Restoration, our teams are experts in garage floor resurfacing for both residential and business clients in Toronto, Ontario, and the Greater Toronto Area. Your garage floor can be saved and protected with Icon Restoration! Garage floor coatings made of epoxy and polyaspartic require less care, are simple to keep clean, and have a nice appearance.

Basement Floors 

Whatever aesthetic or design you like, Icon Restoration has the epoxy floor coating you require. With thousands of color and design options available, homeowners may have the precise floor finishes they want thanks to high-quality, guaranteed finishes.


With Icon Restoration’s’ epoxy floor technique, updating your patio area is simple. Our skilled team can help you achieve any style for your outdoor gathering area because our tough floor coatings are available in a variety of colors and textures.

Our floor coatings are not only beautiful, but they are also incredibly strong and simple to maintain. Our coatings give a layer of defense to your patio, extending the concrete’s lifespan and helping you avoid expensive repairs.

Pool Decks

With floor systems from Icon Restoration restoring your outdoor pool deck area is simple. You will have a bespoke look that flawlessly compliments your outdoor décor and aesthetic since we install excellent concrete floor treatments in a variety of designs and colors.

Icon Restoration Concrete Crack Repair Services

  • Remedies for concrete surface cracks in buildings
  • Buildings that are commercial and residential have concrete damage.
  • Repair of cement wall cracks
  • Commercial repair of sidewalk cracks
  • Repair of precast concrete
  • Bridge surface concrete crack repair

Choose Icon Restoration For Concrete Repair Services

 Our vertical access specialists at Icon Restoration use the best products on the market to safely and effectively seal concrete fractures. This guarantees that damage is rapidly repaired and prevents additional issues brought on by rain and other environmental factors. The tallest residential and commercial buildings can have their concrete cracks repaired by our qualified professionals because they have the necessary equipment.

We pay close attention to detail when patching concrete in order to produce solutions that are both structurally sound and beautifully appealing.

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