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Molds are found in almost any material that contains moisture, but they can become an issue in any structure if excessive water or moisture issues are not properly handled. Mold will rot wood, drywall, and other building materials if left unattended. To fix this, you’ll need a competent, licensed contractor in North York to remove the mold and the source of it. Otherwise, property loss would become more expensive. Icon Restoration will assist you with all of your mold removal needs in a timely and productive manner.

How to Identify Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that grows as a long, branching filamentous structure. Molds allow natural materials to biodegrade, which can be undesirable when it results in food spoilage or property damage. Mold can be found in damp, dim, or steamy areas of the house, such as the bathroom or kitchen, cluttered storage areas, recently flooded areas, basement areas, plumbing rooms, and areas with low ventilation, as well as outdoors in humid environments.

Mold reproduces by dispersing spores into the air, which then land on surfaces, germinate and develop into mold cells. An individual may become ill if they are exposed to mold spores in the air. Watery, itchy eyes, a chronic cough, headaches or migraines, trouble breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus infections, nasal blockage, and excessive sneezing are all symptoms of mold allergy.

Don’t be alarmed if you suspect mold in your home, company, or structure. Call us right away, and we’ll come out and inspect your home and test the air quality. Mold is removed securely and efficiently. Our mold removal process leaves no unpleasant residue, uses no harsh chemicals, and does not necessitate extensive clean-up, leaving any trace of mold.

How can you tell if the mold in your home is dangerous?

Probably you can not. But, to be completely sure you will need to have a sample analyzed by a lab to correctly identify the type of mold that exists in your house. Only then will you be able to determine what sort of danger you are dealing with and how important it is to mitigate it.

What is mold removal/remediation?

The process of mold remediation happens when the mold contaminants are being removed without contaminating other areas and also making sure the safety and protection of all workers and residents.

One extremely dangerous mold named Stachybotrys Chartarum, or known as black mold is very risky for your health. These black and sometimes toxic molds can be found in your attic, bathroom, basement, and everywhere in your living space that suffered from excessive or sudden moisture.

Mold remediation that is effective not only removes the toxins but also addresses the moisture problems that led to mold growth in the first place. Mold is caused by excessive moisture on organic materials commonly found inside a house or facility, so this is critical.

Every case of mold removal or remediation is unique due to the amount of moisture introduced and the resulting problems and damage, so it is better to have it performed by professionals with specialized equipment.

What to Expect from Icon Restoration:

Icon Restoration provides fast and dependable mold removal services 24/7 in North York and other areas. In addition, our team leaders work hard to collaborate with and keep our clients updated in order to avoid potential disasters. Our mold remediation experts have been specially trained and have the skills and resources to react rapidly and complete the necessary mold abatement.

Call us today at (416) 901-4266 to schedule an on-site mold inspection so that we can determine the severity and extent of your mold problem and give you a quote. With over 20 years of experience, Icon Restoration is IICRC accredited mold removal and remediation business.

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