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Icon Restoration provides asbestos inspection and repair services. The following products will be thoroughly examined during our inspection:

  • Check for quality.
  • The samples are taken with caution.
  • And, they are analyzed in the lab. 

If asbestos is discovered, our inspector will write a report outlining the existence and extent of the exposure, as well as asbestos removal and prevention recommendations.

Required Asbestos Removal Process in Scarborough

Asbestos is a dangerous and poisonous substance. Professionals who are certified and trained are familiar with the history of asbestos use and can check for the material using the most up-to-date and accurate testing and diagnostic equipment.

  • Positive test findings will be looked at by asbestos specialists, who will search for any asbestos-containing hazardous areas.
  • Asbestos removal specialists will contain and secure the area until the existence of asbestos has been verified, before starting to schedule the removal of all affected and toxic material.
  • Because of the presence and toxicity of asbestos, it is far more difficult to dispose of asbestos contamination in the long run than it is to dispose of garbage.
  • Icon Restoration Inspectors, for example, receives extensive training and instruction in order to fully comprehend asbestos removal and the correct and secure disposal of hazardous debris.
  • Processes are revised on a regular basis to account for any changes.

What Harm Does Asbestos Do To Your Lungs?

Asbestos fibers will fly into the air and remain there for a long time if it is cut, ground up, or disturbed. Asbestos fibers can get trapped deep in your lungs when you breathe in. The fibers cause damage to the alveoli, which are tiny air sacs at the end of your breathing passages and are located deep within your lungs.

Your alveoli normally inflate and deflate like a balloon, absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. Alveoli in good health are nice and stretchy. Asbestos causes scarring and damage (fibrosis), making the alveoli rigid rather than stretchy.

Your lungs have a harder time taking in oxygen when your alveoli are stiff, and your chest muscles have to work harder to push the air in and out of your lungs. Lung cancer is also increased by asbestos exposure, particularly in people who have smoked.

Asbestos-Infested Areas

Contractors use duct tape to complete, repair, and configure ductwork and HVAC systems. The unremarkable grey shiny tape is used in high-heat areas and has excellent bonding properties to aluminum and other metals commonly used in HVAC systems.

Many builders and contractors used asbestos-containing duct tape before the 1990s because of its ability to withstand high heat. Unfortunately, asbestos fibers are now known to cause severe health problems and are no longer used in the building industry. These ‘asbestos tapes’ are a major problem for homeowners.

This type of duct tape will dry out and decay over time, releasing harmful fibers into the ductwork and into the home’s air stream. Even if the tape is merely removed, asbestos can be released into the air.

Asbestos duct tape can look white instead of the gray tone found in today’s duct tape.

Asbestos duct tape can look white instead of the gray tone found in today’s duct tape. Contact a licensed asbestos removal specialist if you find this sort of tape in your home’s ductwork.

Why choose us?

We work closely with each of our customers in the process to ensure that you understand the asbestos, where it is stored, and how we can remove it. You should expect long-term results and ongoing help from Icon Restoration. Please contact us right away! You’ll be happy you took the initiative and put in the effort.

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